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December 2017 Mission of the Month

The JESUS Film Project

The JESUS Film Project is a mission group dedicated to educating people about the life of Jesus. The focus of the project is to bring the film JESUS to communities in Africa that are rural, remote or otherwise isolated from hearing about the word of God. Even in today’s modern era of technology, many people in Africa have not even heard of Jesus due to geographical, cultural and language barriers. The JESUS Film Project takes the film out into these communities and presents it to local people in their own language. For many, this is the first time they hear and understand about Christ.

In support of our Mission of the Month, David Livingstone will be joining us at our service on Sunday, December 10th to present a brief overview of the Project. David and his wife will also attend our “Coffee and Conversation” gathering with a seven minute video and additional information on his work. This will provide an opportunity for some open discussion and questions. Hope you can join us.