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July 2017 Mission of the Month

The July Mission of the Month is for Autumn Marshall and her work with the Commission To Every Nation.

Autumn fell in love with missions when she went on her first international mission trip to Mexico at the age of 12. Her passion for Haiti and children with special needs happened on her first mission trip to Haiti in 2007. During that trip her heart hurt when she discovered how children and adults with any type of disability were seen as worthless. Autumn decided then to get involved and has been serving at the Miriam Center in Haiti as Therapy Coordinator
since 2009.

Autumn’s personal mission and vision is to make the Invisible…Visible through Christ…Children…Community… To fight for and advocate for the needs and rights of special needs children in Haiti…and to empower nationals and families to care for these children as God would. Four years later she branched out her ministry to include educating and training nationals in the field of Therapy (Occupational and Physical Therapy) partnering with the only Rehab Tech school in Haiti. Two years later she partnered with the first bachelor level OT program that opened in Leogane, Haiti to establish the National Haiti Association of Occupational Therapy where she is currently the President and Alternate Delegate. Her dream is that every child with special needs in Haiti can receive the therapy and support that they need and deserve because they are VISIBLE and VALUED as members of their society. Please consider providing financial aid to support Autumn’s mission for these children in need.

In addition to the need for monetary donations, Autumn has need for material goods to support the program as well. We will be taking collections throughout the month of July in the Narthex for specific items that have been requested. Please consider donating a few of the items on the Collection List provided below.

Collection List:

Boys small white tank tops

Boys teenage small boxers

Crib size sheets

Spandex leggings or shorts (children’s small to large)

Powdered Pedialyte packets

Protein powder

Cause and effect light-up or music toys